What we do
The Broadway is a Grade II listed building with two auditoriums, a main auditorium with nearly 800 seats and a small 120-seat studio theatre. The programme consists of a diverse mix of theatre and music, including a pantomime season featuring star names, stand up comedy, nostalgia shows, drama and children's theatre.

What information we may collect
telephone numbers
email addresses

Agencies we might share the information with
The Broadway is operated by Lewisham Council, please see the Lewisham Council's privacy notice for further information.

We may also share your information with the organisers, promoters, or producers of the event which you purchase tickets for.

Why we process the information

  • To process theatre tickets 
  • To advise of upcoming events and festivals held at The Broadway Theatre and other venues 
  • To share with promoters for marketing (only if you have opted in)