Oliver Samuels in Lucky Money

Oliver Samuels in Lucky Money

Back by public demand Oliver Samuels the king of  Jamaican comedy returns for another black history month special in October 2024 with another knee-slapping, foot stamping comedy called "Lucky Money".

Co-staring Pablo Hoilett and Karen Harriot.

Lucky Money is about a self-righteous university lecturer, political activist and radio talk show host Walter Nelson (Pablo Hoilett) who receives a ‘moral beating’ after he tries to rob a poor and humble street-smart man Anton DeSouza (Oliver Samuels) out of what is rightfully his.

After Walter wins big on the lottery numbers that Anton gave to him, Walter goes back on his word and refuses to share the winnings fifty-fifty. Yet, when Walter realises that Anton’s name is signed on the back of the winning ticket, which makes him the only person who can legally claim the prize, he comes up with a series of underhanded schemes to make Anton unknowingly sign away his rights to the jackpot.

All the while Walter’s wife Alzira (Karen Harriot) plays referee in the treacherous blaze of cutthroat negotiations and humorous clashes. But in the end, who will end up with the riches…